Why Covid-19 is Ruining the Process

Today’s process post deviates away from class material and might, honestly, turn out to be more of a rant. I’ve been trying to stay away from Covid-19 posts, since I’m sure we’re all tired of reading about it. Nevertheless, I am caving… Here we go.

PUB101 was supposed to be more exciting – Suzanne speaks fondly of how the class normally operates in-person, and I imagine a relatively lively buzz of energy as people develop their pages into their own online space. I imagine people bouncing ideas off of each other and cooperating to really make each individual’s page something special for them. I imagine myself sitting quietly at the back of the class – somewhat of a lurker in real life too, apparently – but I’m excited for an adventure into unknown territory, eager to build my site together with the class. Now, that’s not to say I wasn’t eager at the beginning of this semester, but it has certainly been more difficult than I think it should have been.

Covid-19 has forced us to do classes remotely and it is becoming more and more difficult to separate school from life – whatever life there is left after all the restrictions placed, anyway. School is constantly on my mind, the days are a blur, assignments are stacking up (what the heck, why are there so many group assignments still?!). It’s been really difficult trying to keep track of what is what and when they’re due – you always feel like you’re missing something, especially with all the announcements and e-mails and notifications and updated schedules/syllabuses. This is the most organized I have ever been in my 5 years of schooling, and yet I still feel the most lost and disoriented. 😵

Anyway, back to the process. The process for this class was supposed to be fun – at least that’s what I thought. Trying new things and recording it for my blog, trying to build an “online self…” If I could ever stop thinking about school, these things (I think) would be more enjoyable. There couldn’t be a better course-long project during this pandemic! I mean, think about it – I’m stuck at home, I need to keep myself engaged in activities, I get the make this about anything I want – it’s great. But here I am, and I can’t just dedicate my time and attention to making content… the fun stuff. Yes, technically, it’s still schoolwork… but it was supposed to be the enjoyable schoolwork that was my salvation from everything else. Instead, it’s been ruined by Covid-19 because everything is just so impossible to separate – the fun in the process has been lost. (And maybe it’s just me, but don’t I look tired in my videos too?)

All in all, it’s been a ride, but think this could have been a much more enjoyable experience if Covid wasn’t a thing.

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