Sincerely Gracie by Gracie Lorenson (Review 3)

…blog posts about everything in the “lifestyle” realm such as travel, fitness, food, wellness, and fashion.

Gracie Lorenson

A page that hopes to inspire sincerity and fulfillment through intent to make a difference!

Sincerely Gracie definitely fits the image I have of a lifestyle blog; the page, itself, is clean (the colour scheme is simple and easy on the eyes which allows for her colourful and high-quality images to really stand out) and welcoming and lets readers know exactly what they can expect out of the page. Gracie’s page is very personal, and I believe that another asset that works to draw in her audience and keep them coming back for more.

There are many different facets within this lifestyle blog and each post is laden with visuals – I think it keeps things fresh and interesting for readers. Personally, I think the food section is really great because it’s something that everyone can appreciate – who doesn’t like a delicious meal that’s -gasp- healthy?! I tried these pancakes and YES. Just yes. With a big pile of strawberries and blueberries on top.

I just wish there was more content on this page for a more complete feel. There are so many avenues to explore (fashion, health and wellness, travel) and yet, there’s but one post per category from her menu – and actually, the travel item doesn’t have a post that I could find yet (I realize that travel is difficult at the moment, but perhaps a post about an old trip, or a potential trip for the future could work?)

What I do love about the content is the Big Love Ball – I think it is very interesting and it feels like such a wholesome and fitting sub-series in this blog. In light of our conversations in class about marketability and advertisements, the Big Love Ball is already an item available in the market; contacting the creator, Wendy Williams Watt, about having it as a feature in this blog is a possible course of action.

On that note, the bakery and cafe recommendations are also areas that are marketable (and in a way is sort of being marketed already?) to Gracie’s audience. A chat with the owner of these places could result in some revenue gain for this page. In any case, if we put monetization and marketing aside, these pieces of content – the Big Love Ball and place recommendations – are engaging and desirable for readers of this particular blog. I was certainly interested to read about these things!

Your page looks great, Gracie! I’d love to see more of your wholesome and inspiring content!

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