Script to Stage by Keely Rammage-Scott (Review 2)

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Keely rammage-scott

Check out this alluring page about musical theatre!

I must, first, say that I don’t know anything about musical theatre (and I can’t say I have gone to many live shows in general), but this page captivated me right from the beginning. You know that feeling you get when you’ve been anticipating something for awhile and it’s finally about to happen? Say, like entering an almost-empty theatre because you’re so dang early for a movie you’ve been waiting to see? Well that’s the feeling I got from the imagery on Script to Stage’s homepage – not to mention you can tell exactly what this site is going to be about from the get-go. We love not needing to go hunting for information on the site!

Speaking of which, if you want to know more – and you will if you got pulled in like me – scrolling brings you directly to her lovely welcome message and About section. I thought this was a perfect introduction and her page flowed with a nice and balanced rhythm… like the intro to a show?! Am I reading too far into this? Anyway, the only thing I wonder is whether there needs to be a separate About page that is accessible through the menu. I realize that without that option, however, the menu might feel too bare.

Keely also mentioned in a process post that she was struggling to manage her voice in her blog because a lot of content is directed at classmates and instructors. (Boy, do I understand that.) However, her long term audience is meant to be the musical theatre community and anyone else who is interested in her blog posts. For this reason, I would suggest having her Blog posts as a separate menu item instead of as a sub-item to PUB101. This would make her page more intuitive – as Victor Kaptelinin asserts is incredibly important in Affordances for those who are outside of her classroom audience. This would also fill a gap left by the About menu option, should she decide to remove it.

She could take this a step even further by limiting her homepage posts to only show posts from her blog (though this is not absolutely necessary). That way, her page would be more focused on her creative content and target audience, while the PUB101 menu will continue to maintain organized and accessible school-related material. This might help build her audience and make the transition out of PUB101 easier too.

With all this being said, Keely has created some interesting content and I like that she has varying types of posts (some text, some audio and video). Her writing is clear and fluid, and is complimented by a simple and easy-to-read font. It is easy to engage in her blog posts and the vivid imagery of the theatre arts stand out against the clean, white background.

Great job, Keely! I am looking forward to your future posts!

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