My Audience

Yes, that’s you… Whoever you are.

It’s hard to say who my audience is – who I am writing this blog for. I feel like I am writing and creating for a few different groups of people and for this reason, I struggle to maintain a certain style and voice. These are the people I think I am creating content for:

  • My friends! I have a few – I think – that would enjoy watching me do dumb things in dumb ways (and that I wouldn’t mind watching me do dumb things in dumb ways). I have some that might even want to join me later on as a guest, perhaps. 😉 In any case, I write pretty casually because, well, why not?


  • Myself. I am a mostly a lurker online and I don’t think I have much of an internet presence. I am okay with that, for the most part, but this is an interesting experiment for me to attempt creating a space/identity on the web and have fun with it. Writing for me is also quite casual because I want to create a space that is somewhat personal and… true to me. Does that make sense?


  • My instructor and TA (and a grade). This is, after all, for a class. Although the class does have assignments that require me to make certain types of posts, I have been trying to incorporate it into my content as much as possible to create a more fluid blog overall- so it’s weird to think of this as something that is grade-able because I think of it as a project for myself in a lot of ways. Not that I am successful in creating a seamless blog (in terms of content), but this makes me a little conflicted when I write posts and make videos; I feel like there needs to be a level of formality that is acceptable and appropriate since it’s school related. But I also want to be casual because I feel that am quite casual.


  • Anyone else? I would be happy for anyone else in the world to find even the slightest bit of amusement or joy from my content. Literally. Again, I don’t feel like this is a very formal blog – I mean, it really isn’t. Just look at my theme. I’m making videos of me messing around and doing things wrong (and hopefully right sometimes). I suppose, though, that my general target would include people like me – students who are looking for some easy-going entertainment, like to try new things and get new ideas, and who are just trying to enjoy the process.

So, whoever decides to read this – whoever you are… you are my audience. I hope you don’t mind my growing pains. I hope you are enjoying my content!

Also, thank you for making it to the end of this post, and thank you for watching my videos! (I assume you watched the videos because those are way more interesting than my writing. Seriously, just go watch the videos if you haven’t.)

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