Our guest speaker, Trevor Battye, seemed to be among those with the belief that anything can be monetized because, well, why not? Thus, of course, I have thought about whether I should try to monetize my blog or not.

If I were to monetize, there appear to only be a couple options open to me because of my content: random google ads or affiliate ads. The former, certainly not very appealing to me, sounds simple enough – put ads on my page and get paid for the amount of traffic my site gets. My content is pretty random, so I am having a hard time imagining what type of ads would be valuable to my audience. I figure they’ll be random as ever… or ads based on the user’s browsing tendencies.

The latter option, affiliate ads, seems to be a better option; for example, my Turtlebot video could provide a link to the Amazon page (and the YouTube description actually does) and perhaps I could generate revenue that way. Certainly, there are tons of things on Amazon and other sites that I could buy and try to do or make or create and so on.

I’m not sure what else would make sense for my site, but in any case, I’m fairly confident I’ve already decided that I don’t care to monetize it. This page is an experiment and a learning process – a place for fun and growth and overall silliness! I suppose it’s nice to make money doing things you enjoy doing (and I certainly am enjoying making content for No Instructions), and maybe one day this could grow into something that would make me reconsider monetization again… but for now, I’d like to keep it fun and free of the pressures of financial success! 🤷

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