It’s Everywhere!

Pokemon, that is.

As this article describes, Pokemon is a great example of transmedia storytelling. It’s seriously everywhere! It’s a TV show, a video game (multiple, actually), a card game, they’re collectible figurines, keychains, phone cases – you name it and there’s probably a pokemon variation of it.


This had me thinking about my own page. I currently have my YouTube channel and I’ve considered creating an Instagram channel over this past semester as well. Instagram would allow my viewers to see my content on a more convenient platform while they are on their devices – as opposed to opening a browser on their phone and accessing my blog that way. I would also likely be able to create some shorter videos on something like Tiktok – if someday I, somehow, am no longer against creating my own Tiktok!

It certainly would be an interesting way to expand my digital self and gain viewership; along with that, some cool comments and suggestions for new videos could come about as well!

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