Hello Strangers

Being strangers is an interesting concept nowadays. The internet allows people to connect with others outside of the traditional in-person settings in which you might describe a person as “someone you know” after having met and chatted with them. Now, you can come to feel quite close to someone – feeling that you know a lot about them, and maybe them about you – despite never having met them. Some might argue that you don’t really know them since people can present themselves however they please and choose how much personal information they want to divulge to you. But that’s not so different from real life, is it?

Stranger or not, it doesn’t seem to matter according to an article called Want To Feel Happier Today? Try Talking To A Stranger by Paul Nicolaus. Even the slightest connection to someone you might consider a stranger can increase your happiness by increasing the frequency of positive events in your life. For the most part, I think this holds true. I once participated in a free hugs event during exam time (before the pandemic, of course), and I can’t speak for everyone else, but I had a great time even when people simply smiled/giggled and walked away. My overall mood for the day was – well, I don’t know… Great?! Stranger or not, you can really make someone’s day better – or they could make yours better.

Through my blog, you may learn some things about me. You may feel like you know me. Or maybe not. Regardless, I hope this page can be a positive event for you – however small.

Hello strangers. Welcome to No Instructions.

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