Habits for Contentment by Cortney Frers (Review 1)

Welcome to Habits for Contentment! Here you’ll find posts about healthy living, mental wellness and my journey to finding peace. Grab some tea, get comfortable and lets dive into life’s struggles together.

Cortney Frers

Check out this beautiful and aesthetically pleasing page about finding a comfortable and healthy space (physically and mentally) during the current COVID-19 pandemic!


Habits for Contentment feels like a well balanced blog site that, although asymmetrical in design, has enough white space for viewers to feel that it is uncluttered and comfortable. It certainly fits the theme of the page in its calm colours paired with vivid imagery that is bright in colours, but portray simple and natural things like a cup of coffee or flowers against the setting sun; these things – without even reading the blog – can serve as a small reminder to appreciate the little things in life and bring a peaceful or even tranquil state of mind.

A first glance at the Habits for Contentment blog post page

Again, I love the simplicity and space of this top portion of the page. Here, the colour block does a fantastic job of highlighting the page header “Category: Blog Posts” with a wonderful amount of space and I only wish that the Home and About pages were consistent with this!

It also leaves room for the blog post to really shine, as the most recent post invites you in through its size compared to everything else on the page and also, again, the vivid image that is included in each post.


In terms of content of this page, I very much love that this is a personal journey, as well as a blog of suggestions for healthy living and peaceful mindsets. Especially amidst the pandemic, when physical and mental health may be tough to manage, connecting with people is strange, and, well, life is just plain difficult in unexpected ways, Cortney invites their viewers to connect and struggle together through this blog.

We are better together friends! 😊

Cortney Frers

In this, Cortney develops themself as an ally in these tough times, a friend, a role model, and likely much more through the content they release. Their online presence can be one of support for others, especially in that Cortney is a stranger who is writing about relatable feelings and experiences – and how they are maintaining their peace.


Well, I can’t say I have many suggestions for this page – and actually, I may have become a fan. As I mentioned before, I love the colour block that highlights the title of the pages and only wish that this stayed consistent throughout all the pages!

An interesting experiment (maybe?) could be to write down something you were thankful for at the end of every day for a week, and share about these things in a blog post!

In any case, I am looking forward to more wholesome posts from this beautiful page! Thank you Cortney for sharing! 🌺

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