In response to the first peer review on my page (and seeing other developed pages), I made quite a few changes – most notably, I decided to change my theme (a few times), along with the colour scheme and menus. The idea of my old theme was just to keep it simple and highlight new content. It was clear, however, that as I kept posting more content, it would become too difficult to navigate and, put frankly, annoying from a user’s point of view. In changing my theme, I (I think) am able to highlight my video content, while keeping everything else accessible and easy to navigate.

It turns out that my About page was missing from my menu, even though I had created one beforehand. Boop. Pop that in there where it belongs.

We also chatted about continuity and balance in class, and I felt that that was something that I could really focus on. I spent a lot of time making sure all my pages had a good rhythm and flow (at least, to me anyway) and that they were all had consistent fonts and such. I’m sure I did it in a way that wasn’t the most efficient, but it’s done!

My most recent frustration has been the featured images in the Newest Videos section. I can’t, for the life of me, get them to be clickable! It appears to be built into the theme, but it only works for the posts in list form. 🙄 So much for a great user experience! Otherwise, though, I like the theme as it really does allow for me to display new content while still being organized.

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