Changes 2

In a peer review, Keely wrote me a very sweet and thoughtful review and I was happy to hear that navigation felt easy after making all my previous changes! In response, I have made some changes here and there.

My first line of action was to add a profile picture to my YouTube channel – it’s the small things that pull everything together into one complete whole and I’m thankful for Keely’s attention to this little detail. In fact, I chose to add a picture to my About section and used the same photo for my YouTube channel. The picture is a little bit older, but I think it captures me and my blog quite well… 😄

In case you didn’t want to visit my About section, here’s the photo

She also mentioned that I might have had too many colours going on… And man, was she right. How did I not notice that before? Not to mention I really started to hate them after I looked at them long enough. 😏 Anyway, the menu and “Newest Videos” section are now the same colour (or close enough anyway since it was more difficult than it should have been due to theme things) and even the background colour has changed a bit – though the difference is probably negligible and I was just being weirdly picky.

On a different note, I thought it was funny that she mentioned the music volume on my videos! I had also thought it was a bit too loud before but when I had asked, I received feedback saying that it was fine and so I decided not to tamper with it (for fear of accidentally deleting the whole edit or something (seriously, knowing me, it could happen)). Going forward, I’ll be sure to listen to my gut and turn it down a little – better quieter than louder, probably!

Thanks a lot Keely!

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