Blogging Noob.

Since starting this page, I feel like I have done a lot – but it certainly looks like I haven’t done much. I’m sure it all comes down to my inexperience in… all of this. Although, I must say, I am enjoying the ride so far. My only frustration is trying to log into my new accounts – I think I have 3 or 4 new ones through this process (somehow) – and, of course, I didn’t write down which was which or what was what. I must have reset each password at least twice already! Thankfully, I think I have it all sorted out now… I hope, anyway.

In terms of the page, it is meant to be a fun place for fun things – and think that doesn’t necessarily come from the page, but simply the content that I hope to release. The page is a mode of uploading and archiving all the fun in the same place that is easy to navigate and access the fun stuff. So, I will make use of the “templates and training wheels” as mentioned in A Personal Cyberinfrastructure by Gardner Campbell (2009); they fit my current wants and needs for this page and hopefully that doesn’t change too soon.

In constructing my page, I’ve switched from one simple theme to another, only because I felt that the first one didn’t highlight newer content (not that there is much so far). The theme that I am currently using puts newer content at the top of the page, and that’s exactly where I would like it to be.

Category links to pages for different types of posts were made as well – and I’ve moved those to the top of the page for ease of access. Really, I just want things to be easy – for me and you.

Colours are another aspect that I’m not too sure of. I think I mostly just want links and pages and titles and everything to be easy to read and discern from each other. Colours might change as my moods change – who knows – but I’ll do my best to make it aesthetically… not offensive!

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